What we do with the money

No one wants to donate money if they aren't sure what is going to be done with it...therefore, please know that our funds both here and in India are carefully audited every year by IRS and Indian government.

We have no paid employees...all workers are volunteers.

100 % of our funds are sent monthly to the Fold India.

Administrative costs (stamps, paper, ink) are paid for by volunteers here in US (usually a member of the board offers a special funding).

We currently average around $1200  per month in donations. These funds are designated as follows:

$1050 for the orphans only to include food, shelter, health care.

$50 toward educational expenses (feeding 35 daily).

$100 for stipends for the caretakers (averages $10 per month per person)

The site is located about 23 km from the city of Guntur in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The local, state, language is Telugu. Children learn at least two languages, sometimes three - Hindi, Telugu and English.

The village is somewhat remote with limited transportation, plenty of power outages, no internet access, and restricted phone services.

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Where is Dokiparru Village?

Primary contacts for the Fold USA. 

18680 Nelson Rd., St. Charles, MI  48655


Treasurer: Alice Stimpson

Email: support@shepherdsfoldfamily.com