It is for good reasons that we do not include here all the information concerning members of the Board in India. This group of seven men meets monthly to make determinations concerning the management of the Fold there, questions concerning the children, workers and decisions about the budget.  Minutes from these meetings are recorded and submitted to regulators there and to us here in the USA.

Anyone interested in knowing more about this board, having photos of its members and such may acquire the same by asking any of the USA board members or by emailing the webmaster at this site or to the following:

The Board - India

Recent changes have introduced a new board to help govern the Fold India, The board consists of seven men who share the same desire to improve the lives of the children entrusted to the Fold. This board works closely with Jacob, Director.

Rev.Joseph Siromani - President

Anand Kumar Setti - Vice-President

Rev.G.Emmanuel - Secretary

Venkata Rao Nagam - Treasurer

Pastor David - Member 

Bala Shourie - Member

Pictured  clockwise: Sandy Jones, Lawrence Yarin and Shoshana Yarin, Stephanie and Chad Fulginiti, Jason Jones with Bethany & Phin, Alice Stimpson, Doreen Tucker and husband Richard, Naomi Suarez with her husband Sebastian and Pastor Joe Bordenga, consultant.

 Our Board of all volunteers is made up of a diverse group of people from among several states. These are persons  whose hearts are eager to help those who cannot help  themselves. Theirs is a passion for fulfilling the words of  James 2:27 and the command to love one another, to offer  even a cup of water to the "least of these."

 Sandy Lois Jones, President  

 Retired educator, founder of the charity in 2008 after a visit to the site  in India where she developed a deep love for all members of the  India "family."  Delaware

 Lawrence Yarin, Vice President - semi retired businessman who became sincerely interested in the Fold via his wife Shoshana. They share both a passionate love for the kids as well as donations. Florida

Alice M. Stimpson. Secretary-retired federal government worker, mother of three grown sons, five grandchildren. Married 47 years and desirous of doing God's will. Michigan

Shoshana Yarin,-Member - experienced teacher of more than 15 years in the scientific fields. Learned of the Fold through Sandy Jones and became involved through her love for children. Florida

 Jason W Jones, Member- senior project manager for a robotics company, father and devoted member of the Board. Texas

 Doreen Tucker. Member-returning to the board after taking a short leave, Doreen lives in central Pennsylvania with her husband Dick of 44 years. She is a trained special education teacher with a deep love for children.

Naomi Suarez - Member - Homeschool mother of three whose love for children inspires us all. Florida

Joseph Bordenga, Consultant - pastor of an Assembly of God church who shares a love of children with his congregation. New Jersey

Board of Directors