November 2018

The Children doing schoolwork.

The Story

Introducing Jacob and Deena. In 1995, Jacob was making his way home via train from an out of town engagement, when he noticed huddled below newspapers, three small children. His heart ached for those three young ones and in his heart's prayer, he asked, "Lord, who's going to take care of these destitute ones?" And the Lord answered, "You are." when he returned the following day, only two children remained, but it was at this turning point that he began what is now a home for nearly 30 children. He began by bringing them into  his own home along with his wife, Deena, and his three children.

Fold USA is a support unit for the physical orphan site in India. All funds sent are audited by officials there to be sure they comply with the goals of the organization as well as the IRS restrictions we have here in the US.


Our Mission

 First of fulfill the words in James 1:27: Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this: To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction.... It is also the love challenge as spelled out in 1Co 13:4-13.

Our mission is to provide all that is needed for the total welfare of the children entrusted to our care.

 Mary Probhodini, Amos Raj and Susanna Roshini. Read more about them under "Family matters!!" Below they pose with Jacob's mother Martha, Grandmother to all the orphans and their constant companion.

  • Providing a home for the homeless
  • Insuring education & training for each child according to his/her talents
  • Providing appropriate physical health care including vision & dental.
  • Adding enrichment classes, activities, experiences such as dance class, singing, involvement with churches and other social engagements.
  • Teaching Biblical lessons for life application.
  • Providing love, the essential ingredient.

November 2018

Children lining up for a meal.