Providing for the total well being of those in need.


Extreme heat in Guntur can be devastating.  Orphans and windows subject to the dangers of heatstroke are safer and grateful for the shade the newly installed roof provides.

We're on a mission to distribute 1,000 Teluga Bibles and YOU count! Consider helping the Shepherd's Fold reach their goal. $5 provides 1 bible. 

Christmas is around the corner. 

Orphaned children across India


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Providing education to children within the community and neighboring areas who might otherwise be on the streets or sent to work.

Several factors have led to a large number of orphaned or hungry children and widows. We feed over 100 people a day at the Shepherd's Fold.

Served at the Fold last year alone

43,200 MEALS


Beyond providing physical needs for those at the Fold, we strive to nourish their spirits with biblical teachings. Here at the Shepherd's Fold we are family!

Fed at the Shepherd's Fold everyday look after orphans and widows in their distress...
​James 1:27

Current and Future Projects

Latest Updates


Sister Sandy Jones Sewing center is up and running with their first graduates soon to complete the program. 20 machines have been donated and many women are hopeful in providing for themselves with their new skillset.

How We're Helping

We have opened the Sister Sandy Jones sewing center to provide technical training to women, giving them tools to provide for themselves.