Recent Projects

Founder of the Fold: Jacob Sudheer Kumar and his wife, Deena.

.Martha is Jacob's mother and works closely with the children as Grandmother. she also watches over the flock of chickens and cares for the other critters that live there as well.

Why We’re Doing What We're Doing

Jacob is the director, overseeing the daily needs and activities of the children. Pastor Rao below is their board treasurer and works with Jacob on major projects.

Because of the AIDS epidemic in India, thousands of children are left homeless or are used and abused by relatives and neighbors. We are helping not just these children, but many more who are bereft of family in a harsh and unkind land.

.All children who come to the Fold are certified as being in need of a home and the care that the Fold offers them. Recently the government of India has begun to pay attention to this need and is watching this type of organization very carefully. The sex trade has been a problem, and that is yet another reason for the Fold to exist in this remote village in central India. It is a poor section, old and steeped in tradition. Education is not a must, but is provided if paid for. Without it, there are cotton mills, chili pepper fields and garbage dumps which are the only other options for these kids.

Solar panels to provide a minimal amount of power for some lighting.
Our Christmas gift was the funding for solar panels that produce enough electricity to give the children light for homework and to spin a fan or two in summer's heat. Power outages are very frequent, sometimes lasting for most of the day or night.

Bio-gas plant for cooking gas production:
With the help of government technicians, the boys dug the pit and assisted in completing this bio-gas plant.