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How it all Started

Sandy Jones-
Founder of the U.S. board and support system for the Fold. Your love for the children lives on. 

The Board US

Introducing Jacob and Deena. In 1995, Jacob was making his way home via train from an out of town engagement, when he noticed huddled below newspapers, three small children. His heart ached for those three young ones and in his heart's prayer, he asked, "Lord, who's going to take care of these destitute ones?" And the Lord answered, "You are." when he returned the following day, only two children remained, but it was at this turning point that he began what is now a home for nearly 30 children. He began by bringing them into  his own home along with his wife, Deena, and his three children

Pastor Rao and his wife work closely with the Shepherd's Fold on major projects and needs. He serves as the board of treasure. 

Where We Are

Alice Stimpson


A small group of people caring for the wellbeing of others.

Because of the AIDS epidemic in India, thousands of children are left homeless or are used and abused by relatives and neighbors. We are helping not just these children, but many more who are bereft of family in a harsh and unkind land.

All children who come to the Fold are certified as being in need of a home and the care that the Fold offers them. Recently the government of India has begun to pay attention to this need and is watching this type of organization very carefully. The sex trade has been a problem, and that is yet another reason for the Fold to exist in this remote village in central India. It is a poor section, old and steeped in tradition. Education is not a must, but is provided if paid for. Without it, there are cotton mills, chili pepper fields and garbage dumps which are the only other options for these kids.

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About Us

In Loving Memory

Board Members (Pictured above)

​Jason Jones, Naomi Suarez, Abigail Applegate


Mother and inspiration to Jacob. Thank you for being a grandmother to all.